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Technology and art: they're as different as night and day... but at Kurland Digital, we blend the best of both worlds: state of the art technology paired with attractive contemporary designs.

Each is necessary because your website is an important extension of you and/or your organization. It may be a critical part of your marketing strategy... or it may be an important resource for your customers or your staff. Perhaps both.

Whichever the case, it needs to be beautifully designed, and meet your specific requirements. Of course, it needs to be constructed on time and under budget. And once deployed, it needs to be working 24/7.

We get it.

Miles Kurland has 23 years of development experience in precisely those technologies fundamental to the web: telecommunications, multimedia, databases and usability. He has 17 years of software project management experience and has been developing web sites professionally for 8 years.

We can deliver eCommerce solutions, Flash animation, video and audio, and database-driven web applications... as well as attractive informational or promotional sites. All at highly competitive prices.

Give us a call at (707) 527-9211 to schedule one free hour of project assessment consultation.