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Kurland Digital is the web consulting and development practice of Miles Kurland, who has a stunning 20 years of experience with online development projects.

Working with a consortium of strategic partners, Kurland Digital has designed, produced and maintained websites since 1988.

Recently the notion of the 'Dynamic Development Team' has become increasingly popular as a cost-effective and technically robust way to create software and websites... and Kurland Digital has been a pioneer of this approach for over 6 years.

Rather than maintaining office space staffed with full-time employees, we assemble the appropriate team from among our network of highly skilled designers and engineers - based on the specific requirements of your project. If you don't need database expertise (for example), you don't end up paying to cover the overhead that a more traditionally organized firm assumes in keeping a database specialist on board.

To my clients there's very little discernable difference in dealing with Kurland Digital as opposed to a development team housed under one roof... except for the cost value we can offer. And the consistently high quality expertise of the "dream team" of professionals you'll be working with.

Note: We do not contract with offshore developers.